Are you ready to end religious tyranny?

It’s been about five centuries since the start of the Scientific Revolution, when great minds like Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton began to publish scientific discoveries that contradicted Holy Scripture. These early scientists sought truth, not by relying on interpretations of Christian doctrine, but through logic and reason.

It’s time to admit, the Scientific Revolution fell short. We fell short. Now we must make amends.

The age of Scientific Rebellion is upon us and it begins with embracing these four words: faith is not fact.

We must do what countless generations before us could not. We must once and for all recognize that any decision affecting the citizens of this country must be based on facts, data, and evidence – not supernatural speculation — and that is the real reason for separating church and state. Neither morality nor rule of law should be driven by religious doctrine.

This acknowledgement does not imply that any religion is false, for we can no more prove that God does not exist than we can that God exists. Nor does it diminish an individual’s religious freedom. But it does prevent anyone from weaponizing religion by claiming they have the religious freedom to dehumanize, condemn, or persecute others.

What many fail to appreciate is that over the last decade, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Christian doctrine over facts and evidence. States have been given the green light to eliminate women’s rights to bodily autonomy, whitewash history, and deny the LGBTQ community’s civil rights — even denying the trans community’s right to exist.

For hundreds of years, our reluctance to challenge religion has resulted in the proliferation of slavery, segregation, and oppression. Despite our founders’ efforts to keep religion out of government, the Church and those who exploit it have proven too powerful to overcome — until now.

Are you ready to join the rebellion?

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