Origins of the Rebellion

“Hello, world. I’m the dad of a trans kid.”

That was how I started my first post to address the explosion of false accusations and conspiracy theories stemming from another parent outing our family on Facebook. I went on to explain that our young son was not actually a threat to God and country – and his 2nd grade class.

That was back in the Spring of 2016.

It seems like another lifetime ago. For one thing, I still believed we could change hearts and minds by sharing our family’s experiences and the scientific basis for gender dysphoria. The Martian had just premiered with that endearing line from Matt Daemon, which resonated with every engineer, scientist, and geek on the planet, “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.”

That’s how I looked at our family’s situation when our young trans son made it clear that someone got it wrong in his assigned gender – and it wasn’t him. The year was 2011, and he wasn’t yet three years old.

A whole lot of life has transpired since then. The Scientific Rebellion grew out of our experiences over the past decade or so, and to this day we are still trying to science the shit out of this.

This is Peter Tchoryk. I hope you can benefit in some small way from our story and that it inspires you to join the rebellion. We need all the help we can get.